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Three Advantages of Rubber Threshold Ramps

Wheelchair access is of the utmost importance these days, and because of this, many people are adding various kinds of ramps to the front doors of their homes and businesses in order to make it easier for the disabled to get inside. There are a few different kinds of ramps, ranging from pre-made solutions to elaborate new customized models, but rubber threshold ramps are often the best solution to the problem of adding a ramp to the entrance of a building. This is because rubber threshold ramps have three advantages that other types of ramps just don't necessarily have.


The first advantage of rubber threshold ramps is that they give a great deal of traction to whatever is on top of them. This is especially good for wheelchairs, allowing them to turn around with a great deal of ease. It's also good for everyone else, too, however, as this additional traction can be a big help in keeping people from slipping and falling in rainy weather.


The second advantage of this kind of ramp is that it can easily be trimmed to fit any particular space. Metal ramps have to be trimmed using elaborate power tools, if they can even be trimmed safely at all. Rubber threshold ramps, on the other hand, are made of rubber, making them extremely easy to trim down to a different size that will fit in a particular space. If you have an oddly shaped area that you need to add a ramp to, then this may well be the only option.


Finally, rubber threshold ramps have the advantage of being easily attached to just about any possible surface. They're generally attached using a super-strong form of glue, and will work on any surface with even the smallest amount of friction. Many other kinds of ramps would slide around under the same circumstances, but not this kind.
Rubber threshold ramps give you increased traction, can be fit into any space, and will attach to nearly any surface. If you need a ramp at your entrance, you should definitely give them a look.

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